One Day I Will Write A Book

We all have a story to tell and we all need to become the best listeners. There is so much more to learn from other people than a skill or craft, I have a desire to learn peoples hearts. The only way I have found to make people comfortable with opening up and sharing is by forcing myself into transparency: I do this often through writing. Although I’ll take a coffee date any day of the week.

I’m blessed to be apart of Hillsong Church for this season in my life right now, and our wonderful pastors are sharing their Dangerous Declaration over this year. We as a church are expecting a New Normal, we are expecting provision, we are expecting healing, and we are expecting that the best is yet to come. I, as a 24-year old college student and servant under this declaration am expecting healing in my own spirit, body and heart and also all those who might ever read this. I pray that G-d would use whatever He puts in my heart to minister to others. Rarely do I EVER post about things I know inside in out, but rather my journey and what I’m learning. I do not know it ALL but I do know the King. Our G-d is a BIG G-d.

And I want it all. 

Apart of my “new normal” is the discipline of writing AND publishing weekly (because I didn’t have enough homework yet ((that’s SUPER sarcastic)). I have written a lot previously and it usually ends up on Facebook but I was challenged to not only make it more accessible but to be more consistent in my craft. Purposefully fine tuning my thoughts and leaving them out for the world to see. G-d has been pushing me to share my story, share what I know. I don’t expect these posts to be large profound thoughts that people have never thought of; I’m not trying to change anyone’s theology. I’m just trying to be obedient to what I feel G-d has me to do this season.

I have a simple tattoo on my right wrist that says “My Story” it is a reminder to share… it’s made it grossly easy here to share because people see it and always expect me to have my story ready. It’s awesome. I constantly am reminded to think of what is my “now” story with G-d? What is my current path with The Creator? I got it also because tattoos hurt, sometimes our stories hurt, SOMETIMES we don’t want them there… we don’t want to have to tell about the pain, but the next morning it wont scrub off. Time heals all things; of this I am strongly convinced. There is a physical healing that has to happen with tattoos… and often there is healing that HAS to happen with Our Stories. But what I have found to be true over all is that He is a mighty healer, He is a comforter while we are walking through and He is guidance around all the plot twists that make up our lives.


I have a lot of things I’m believing for which will come out in time but one is to write a book. I always have wanted to and just never put all my thoughts together. Or really probably doubted that I could stay on a theme for that long. This is a small step but it’s a challenging one for me. So my goal is to post every Friday [Aussie Time (not like Aussie time as in 3 minutes late but UTC)] I have some solid friends who I know will be excellent reminders so I’m not worried about it. But this will stretch me so I’m excited. I could go on, but this was supposed to be a short intro post.

In short (if you read nothing other than this paragraph, which you probably wont because if you’re reading this than it is stupid likely that you’ve read the whole post) this site is created out of obedience and I have so many expectations for G-d to provide so many things. But if I continue talking about it right now then we will never finish. You all have a solid day. Love you all with all that I know how.



  1. Jeyna Grace · February 27, 2015

    Keep up the faith 🙂 Don’t stop sharing your story!

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