Aussie (Day 1- Jetlag)

In honour of my 1 year anniversary in Australia and Aussie Day I figured it was appropriate to post this #ThinkBackThursday to my first few days here. It’s been an incredible year and now I’ve had the privilege to welcome the new January intake students who will join in and add to our travels. What a beautiful year we have ahead of us!

Enjoy this look back and Happy Australia Day

It seems like these two days have flew by and also like I’ve been here a year. This isn’t the cleanest thing I’ve written because jet lag. But I know a lot of you are asking my parents questions they don’t know how to answer because communication has been limited. So for you now, a collection of my thoughts the last two days… Oh my gosh it’s only been two days.

It’s raining in Sydney, which I find awkwardly appropriate for starting a new adventure. It’s been said before that G-d is in the rain and in all of my limited life experience I would have to agree. Maybe its because I’m an Okie but storms are calming to me. They remind me of sitting on my front porch (like a good okie) and watching the lightning roll in with my dad. I wasn’t scared because I was with my dad.      

   It’s empowering when you all the sudden see yourself invencible just because of who you surround yourself with.

I have had a peace in this season of my life that is both unexplainable and incomprehensible- and only from walking with the Father. At first I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even know what it was. I was walking in step and therefore in peace with my heavenly Father and I felt awkward.

G-d I can live calm and focused? This is what redemption feels like – this is hope and this is healing and it is what being with G-d feels like. Watching the storms fall in and realizing I’m covered. 

I’m with my Dad

How comforting. 

“He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.” – Daniel 3.25


I spent a good bit of time this morning wondering what the heck I was doing. With all the activities and gatherings that went on I realized an unfortunate truth about myself, I’m bad at people time. I didn’t realize how terrible I am at holding a conversation until I actually didn’t know what came next in my day and I had nothing to do. We were all crammed in a breakfast room to eat and I suppose probably chat and get to know people and I struggled with not being able to focus on the people around me because I wanted to know what I was supposed to be doing. Where was I supposed to be? Did I need to be preparing for something? We’re been in this room a long time did we all happen to miss a cue for going somewhere else? What if we are late to the thing that we don’t know we are supposed to be doing?

Just Be

Our Vice Principal (or someone else really important to our schooling) was speaking about letting this be a relaxing time. It ISN’T going to be like home here in the way we remember, but this place IS home. He challenged us to get used to things changing and maybe even running a minute late. He told us we needed to relax. He also told the Mexicans to not relax so much. It was exactly what I needed to hear and it was exactly where I needed to be. Reminding myself that my entire path coming here has been covered by a peace that I don’t understand and a favor that I’ve never let myself receive before. Laina, freaking chill out. BE THERE with the people who are with you now and calm down. Has G-d not had this the entire time? You didn’t even know what you needed and yet here you are.

Just Breathe

The crazy thing is that I am EXACTLY where I need to be. I’m hearing exactly what cuts my heart and I’m having the chance to express myself exactly the way the good Lord put it in my heart to be heard. I had a conversation with a friend before I left and he was simply asking me how I was doing. I was almost embarrassed to admit that this whole process has been a beautiful experience; but because I didn’t know how to live in beautiful experiences… I didn’t know what this feeling was of my heart being light and my spirit being free. I was so unfamiliar with the peace of G-d that I didn’t even recognize it when I was walking IN IT. Lord, Forgive me… I neglected to learn how to receive from you so many times before. You give good gifts, Abba, and I want all of them. IF this is what walking with You truly feels like then I must have been stumbling before.

Just Accept.

G-d, I’m blown away, absolutely speechless. I didn’t even know who I was and You called me Yours. I didn’t know what I needed and You provided an abundance. I didn’t know where I was going and You picked me up and walked me there. What the heck? How am I so blessed? Oh, how He loves us SO

Just Receive.

Scrabit: Art

20 October 2010

“Most artists can’t draw, but all artists can see.” – Roy Simmons

“He said, “Go and tell this people: “‘Listen hard, but you aren’t going to get it; look hard, but you wont catch on.’ Make these people blockheads, with fingers in their ears and blindfolds on their eyes, so they wont see a thing, wont hear a word, so they wont have a clue whats going on and, yes, so they wont turn around and be made whole.”

 Isaiah 6:9-10 (MSG)

It seems like G-d might have wanted us to understand something here. Art isn’t just about ability; it’s about seeing what needs to change and creating something that can make a difference. And G-d’s art is to make us whole through giving us the vision to see what needs to change.

I was reading a delightfully short book by Seth Godin called Graceful where he took a full section to talk about Art. He defines art as this: “Art is anything that’s creative, passionate and personal… Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient.”

G-d’s art is revealed in the everyday continuation of what He started long ago.

“First this: G-d created the Heavens and Earth – all you see, all you don’t see” Genesis 1:1(MSG)

G-d was the original creator and the only one by which we may LEARN what He wants to do with our lives. The beauty of His art is there is still life yet to be revealed. Some things in creation we are still waiting on, there are things and colors in heaven that we still haven’t experienced ((and I cannot wait)). He set the heavens in place, His majesty is seen in all there is and He holds my heart and molds it everyday into something reflecting Him.

G-d is a passionate G-d, He is a compassionate G-d, a G-d who thinks about us and has purpose for us. He is a wonderful, powerful master who sees us in the state we are in and calls us His. He is a personal G-d who cared so much about the people He created that He sent His one perfect thing He had left – His son so that He might be reunited with us.

I can’t help but think through a few things…

First.     Are you letting G-d’s art CHANGE you? When was the last time you admired the sunrise or sunset and couldn’t focus cause the presence of G-d was so thick through your thoughts that you broke out in praise with your entire being?

2nd.     Are you letting G-d direct your art that He has for you? Some of you have read these posts and thought, “oh that’s nice, but I don’t have art to give”…how selfish… You have a gift that only you can give, you have an art that only you can perfect FOR HIM and you don’t care enough to search it out? Maybe it doesn’t look like messy hands from painting, or like a keyboard to type stories into. Maybe it looks like buying a bag of food a day and driving till you see someone who might need it? Maybe it looks like having a conversation everyday in which you remind someone of how much they mean to you? Possibly you could take 30 days to spend time perfecting listening to G-d? Maybe G-d has given you a heart for missions but you’re in a different season where you can’t leave yet? What if you were to passionately pray for a different location or people group for 30 days? What if you were to check up on the area to see what G-d was doing with your prayers?

“The more people you change, the more you change them, the more effective your art is… If there is no change, there is no art. IF no one experiences it, there can be no change.” –Graceful

What has changed around you lately? Have you inspired the change?

One Day I Will Write A Book

We all have a story to tell and we all need to become the best listeners. There is so much more to learn from other people than a skill or craft, I have a desire to learn peoples hearts. The only way I have found to make people comfortable with opening up and sharing is by forcing myself into transparency: I do this often through writing. Although I’ll take a coffee date any day of the week.

I’m blessed to be apart of Hillsong Church for this season in my life right now, and our wonderful pastors are sharing their Dangerous Declaration over this year. We as a church are expecting a New Normal, we are expecting provision, we are expecting healing, and we are expecting that the best is yet to come. I, as a 24-year old college student and servant under this declaration am expecting healing in my own spirit, body and heart and also all those who might ever read this. I pray that G-d would use whatever He puts in my heart to minister to others. Rarely do I EVER post about things I know inside in out, but rather my journey and what I’m learning. I do not know it ALL but I do know the King. Our G-d is a BIG G-d.

And I want it all. 

Apart of my “new normal” is the discipline of writing AND publishing weekly (because I didn’t have enough homework yet ((that’s SUPER sarcastic)). I have written a lot previously and it usually ends up on Facebook but I was challenged to not only make it more accessible but to be more consistent in my craft. Purposefully fine tuning my thoughts and leaving them out for the world to see. G-d has been pushing me to share my story, share what I know. I don’t expect these posts to be large profound thoughts that people have never thought of; I’m not trying to change anyone’s theology. I’m just trying to be obedient to what I feel G-d has me to do this season.

I have a simple tattoo on my right wrist that says “My Story” it is a reminder to share… it’s made it grossly easy here to share because people see it and always expect me to have my story ready. It’s awesome. I constantly am reminded to think of what is my “now” story with G-d? What is my current path with The Creator? I got it also because tattoos hurt, sometimes our stories hurt, SOMETIMES we don’t want them there… we don’t want to have to tell about the pain, but the next morning it wont scrub off. Time heals all things; of this I am strongly convinced. There is a physical healing that has to happen with tattoos… and often there is healing that HAS to happen with Our Stories. But what I have found to be true over all is that He is a mighty healer, He is a comforter while we are walking through and He is guidance around all the plot twists that make up our lives.


I have a lot of things I’m believing for which will come out in time but one is to write a book. I always have wanted to and just never put all my thoughts together. Or really probably doubted that I could stay on a theme for that long. This is a small step but it’s a challenging one for me. So my goal is to post every Friday [Aussie Time (not like Aussie time as in 3 minutes late but UTC)] I have some solid friends who I know will be excellent reminders so I’m not worried about it. But this will stretch me so I’m excited. I could go on, but this was supposed to be a short intro post.

In short (if you read nothing other than this paragraph, which you probably wont because if you’re reading this than it is stupid likely that you’ve read the whole post) this site is created out of obedience and I have so many expectations for G-d to provide so many things. But if I continue talking about it right now then we will never finish. You all have a solid day. Love you all with all that I know how.