Break The Microwave

Throughout my 25 years hanging out, I’ve had a heap of interesting things happen to me. I’m not sure if everyone would see it that way or if it’s because I overthink everything. I often see a picture or scene while walking around or an item and think to myself, “That’ll preach”. I see blogs everywhere in my days and wonder the stories of people walking around downtown or see an object and think of a list of reasons why it has everything to do with my relationship to Jesus.

I don’t fish for these things, it’s the blessing and curse of an overactive imagination shoved into an introvert.

Yesterday I was driving around with my good friend Ashlee and we saw an older lady on a moped with a man sitting behind her teaching her how to drive it. She had the biggest, toothless smile across her face and then we noticed¬†a carton of milk bottles attached to the side of their moped. We drove half a block up to see a delivery truck with the same brand of milk and men standing outside looking in the direction of the seemingly crazy couple (now in my mind) escaping on their little moped with their (now in my head) stolen carton of milk. I narrated the moment out loud for Ashlee to enjoy. Although I have NO idea what really happened, I secretly and publicly on the internet hope that some crazy couple on a moped stole a carton of milk from a delivery truck because that’s hilarious.¬†

Along with some of the items I’ve seen and thought would make a good blog is our microwave in Sydney, Australia. Our original one was taken from us (which is an entirely different story in itself) and we had a friend give us two different ones. They both worked but one apparently had a ridiculous smell that the girls couldn’t get out of it so we used the other one. “The other one” quit working a short time after we started using it and proceeded to be left in the microwave spot for a while (I believe it’s still there). The broken microwave forces us to plan and cook food on the stove or in the oven, there are no quick fixes for food which I don’t really mind because I’d have a hard time believing anyone who thinks microwave quality food is anything in comparison to stovetop or oven.

I was reminded of all of this Sunday in church listening to Pastor Bruce. He began to talk about the “Microwave Mentality” that plagues this generation and bleeds into our prayer life. We want our prayers answered now or we will have them cold or unanswered. I’m a part of a very technical generation that can hardly remember dial up and I’m afraid for the majority, can hardly pray.

I can’t remember the last time I prayed for something and expected to wait, although I would have to say it’s much more rewarding to my character if I have to. I sometimes need to be given the opportunity to wait for things and grow in that.

I don’t want to belong to the unfortunate some of those who haven’t sat and waited. I don’t want to be one of the ones who don’t know how to pray. I’m ready to break the microwave and wait for what’s good.

One comment

  1. thundernick · January 9, 2016

    Coincidentally, a broken refrigerator largely removes the need for a microwave #thatllpreach


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