Christmas Time

So for the first 50 days of my #100daycreativechallenge I allowed myself to be a little lax in what I was creating. I did anything creative and a lot of days and would also write a small section of lyrics on my phone or something. I’ve kept up with my Instagram if you want to check out any of the days so far.

I’ve decided the last 50 days are to be dedicated to Songwriting. Today I had the honour of writing a Christmas Song with my BEAUTIFUL cousin Renee.

Here is a link to it!


Hang your stocking and
Wrap your gifts cause it’s
Christmas time once again
Gather family and
Hold them tightly it’s
Christmas time once again
Sing it now sing it loudly
As angels gather around to hear
Hold your loved ones closer
For times like these can be so rare
Hark the Harold the
Angels sing now it’s
Christmas time once again
Come Emmanuel
Come and here the sound
It’s Christmas time once again

I won’t post each thing I do on here, I’ll just stick to insta, but feel free to share, join the challenge (a little info on it), follow or think through your life choices and the amount of creativity you’re producing 🙂

Happy Merry Christmas guys, love you all.

One comment

  1. 247newsupdate · December 26, 2015

    Nice song! I tried singing along…. Merry Christmas Laina!

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