Think Back With Me On A Little Poetry

I don’t really know HOW people ‘get into’ poetry, so I’m not entirely sure where my obsession and appreciation began. I remember having a book for a language class growing up that had the most beautiful poetry in the back of it. I memorized one of the poems entirely.

This is a poem I had written 5 years and a day ago (16 December 2010). I modified it in the slightest to help the cadence along but this is still a very real part of where my life walks. Please enjoy this #ThinkBackThursday!


Sometimes I wish I had more strength, 
You tell me to rely on You.
Sometimes I just want to be able to see,
but You say You’re leading me through.
Sometimes I wish I had more trust,
But You tell me it’s just something I have to DO.
Sometimes I’m glad You believe more in me than I act like I believe in You.

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