Please enjoy this #ThinkBackThursday from 2011! It was composed in regards to a writing project that I had started and took my sweet time finishing. Whilst forgetting what the timeline even looked like for my project I had to remind myself that sometimes it isn’t about passion, it’s about consistency and commitment. It’s about doing it anyway and following through… It’s about just doing it.

I’ve thought a lot about writing over these few weeks (month or so) and I’m finding that while thinking about things is nice, it takes effort to do them. For me right now – it takes getting over myself because I don’t want to write at this point. It’s been a long season; a very long season. I don’t want to learn even though I still am everyday, I don’t want to realize all the areas where I’m wrong.

I’m just a stubborn human who is fighting constantly against everything that I am.

What I’m finding is that G-d is there, even when I don’t think He is or when I don’t want Him to be. He is an awesome G-d who protects me and loves me deeply… It is for Him that I started this project and for Him that I will finish. For His honor and nothing for myself.

This isn’t much but it’s a start. It’s a day. It’s a step.

In time I will finish my task, I will end my day, and I will complete my journey.

                        But I have to start somewhere.

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