Celebrate GOOD Times

SO much life has happened.

I have no excuses or apologies but I will say that I absolutely miss writing – I miss updates and thinky thoughts. I miss having time and making time to do what I’m passionate about. This semester of school is full of doing things I need to do, which is fine haha I just miss the other stuff.

It’s so beautiful. I have the MOST beautiful friends here.

I think lately I’ve forgotten to celebrate the things that deserve a celebration. Life feels a whole lot like life lately and not quite like it’s exciting or BIG but honestly it’s freaking huge.

  • I’m engaged.
    Phill asked me to marry him a few weeks ago, or maybe it was a month or two – (Honestly this is my issue, school has been so full and fun this semester that it has been THE HARDEST thing ever to actually keep up with my own life.) So we are getting married at the end of November (just a few days before I graduate Hillsong College) and we begin more life together. He makes life feel like it was always meant to be this way, both very normal and very exceptional at the same time. He makes awesome feel like it is a standard that should have always been tied around my days, weeks, months… That is why I say we will begin MORE life together 🙂

[The Engagement: It was a Saturday and Phill and I were supposed to be spending the evening with a few friends but I text them to confirm and they bailed on us. The reason I didn’t think anything of it was because it had already happened the same way the week before as well haha. So Phill asked me if I wanted to drive in the mountains to go get some spring water (I don’t really think any of his requests are weird anymore although I realise how odd that sounds). So off to the mountains we went – we got some McDonalds on the way because we are really classy. I forgot to tell him I had to pee (this is relevant I promise) so when we pulled off in the middle of no where I told him he had to wait on the other side of the car which gave him the perfect opportunity to sort out the ring in his pocket. I did my business behind some bush and thanked the Lord for our Maccas (McDonalds) napkins. We walked down to this beach thing inside the mountains where we fist EVER hung out together. We weren’t even dating at this point although Phill was totally trying to date.
I saw a random fire set up and told Phill how irresponsible some people are to set a fire and leave it unattended. I didn’t drop this for a while. Phill told me this is where he knew he wanted to date me (no surprise, I’m pretty awesome) and said since this is where he decided he wanted to date me that maybe this is where I wanted to tell him I’d spend the rest of my life with him (awwwwwww). I was in disbelief, I knew the ring would be coming sometime but I thought it was still being built or designed or something, I believe my first response was “Wait you don’t have the ring?!” and then a few more sentences expressing my concern for the people who bailed on the fire pit. It all felt very surreal. I said yes and we sat out on the beach for a little while before decided to get pizza and celebrate with some housemates 🙂

The fire was set up by some of our friends and they even cut down a tree to build a seat.]

  • We had just about the most irritating month ever as soon as we got engaged; things just weren’t going our way (for lack of liberty to share the details).
    But if you can imagine the best soccer player you know was running straight at you but then instead of actually playing soccer he is just kicking you in the gut. It was like that for about a month. But thank the LORD for undeserved favor and stuff is getting back on track.
  •  Which brings me to my next thought: marriage counselling was awesome. We had the most amazing couple to talk us through all the marriage things and we did so well that they thought we cheated.
    ((Another thought: you deserve someone that you’re compatible with – so compatible that the online survey thinks you’ve cheated. I get that some opposites attract and as far as Phill and my personality goes we are quite opposite. But we ARE like-minded, more than I think we realised.)) It was such a relief to walk into conversations with a couple that had been married 35 years and for them to give us their blessing on our lives. I think too many people settle. Heck I’ve done it. We all have. So stop judging. But also stop giving up on the ‘someone out there’ who is perfect for you. I have as many reasons as many other to think otherwise but guys GOD IS GOOD and has stuff under control.
  • Another exciting part of my life is that 8 (EIGHT) of my family members will be here with me in a very short amount of time to celebrate this three-year journey of college and the lifelong journey of marriage. I seriously don’t know how I get to be so blessed. Seriously. I could cry. I feel very loved and honoured and SO EXCITED to show them this place. Australia has been so wonderful to me.

  •  Which brings me to my next point
    – lets be real this blog is an intro back into writing and the form is all over the place –

This one is a little nerve-racking.

I’m staying for a little while.

In January 2018 I will transfer into my Bachelors degree of Theology with a focus on Biblical Studies.


Australia has felt like home since the first few months of being here and although it still sort of throws my head for a spin I’m happy to announce that I’ll be here a bit longer. Phill and I will continue working here in OZ while I work on my degree.


How adorable is that sentence? Phill moves at the beginning of October and I’ll move after we get married. I forget what a miracle life actually is. What is my life that I get to live in Australia in a cottage and marry the man who spoils me with breakfasts on the weekend and support for all things my heart dreams up.

Life should be celebrated and I am thankful.

Thanks for letting me update.

I’m organizing my chaotic life to let me do what I love (actually writing more than once a year). As I said… no excuses, no apologies. It’s just how life has been


One Day I Will Write A Book

We all have a story to tell and we all need to become the best listeners. There is so much more to learn from other people than a skill or craft, I have a desire to learn peoples hearts. The only way I have found to make people comfortable with opening up and sharing is by forcing myself into transparency: I do this often through writing. Although I’ll take a coffee date any day of the week.

I’m blessed to be apart of Hillsong Church for this season in my life right now, and our wonderful pastors are sharing their Dangerous Declaration over this year. We as a church are expecting a New Normal, we are expecting provision, we are expecting healing, and we are expecting that the best is yet to come. I, as a 24-year old college student and servant under this declaration am expecting healing in my own spirit, body and heart and also all those who might ever read this. I pray that G-d would use whatever He puts in my heart to minister to others. Rarely do I EVER post about things I know inside in out, but rather my journey and what I’m learning. I do not know it ALL but I do know the King. Our G-d is a BIG G-d.

And I want it all. 

Apart of my “new normal” is the discipline of writing AND publishing weekly (because I didn’t have enough homework yet ((that’s SUPER sarcastic)). I have written a lot previously and it usually ends up on Facebook but I was challenged to not only make it more accessible but to be more consistent in my craft. Purposefully fine tuning my thoughts and leaving them out for the world to see. G-d has been pushing me to share my story, share what I know. I don’t expect these posts to be large profound thoughts that people have never thought of; I’m not trying to change anyone’s theology. I’m just trying to be obedient to what I feel G-d has me to do this season.

I have a simple tattoo on my right wrist that says “My Story” it is a reminder to share… it’s made it grossly easy here to share because people see it and always expect me to have my story ready. It’s awesome. I constantly am reminded to think of what is my “now” story with G-d? What is my current path with The Creator? I got it also because tattoos hurt, sometimes our stories hurt, SOMETIMES we don’t want them there… we don’t want to have to tell about the pain, but the next morning it wont scrub off. Time heals all things; of this I am strongly convinced. There is a physical healing that has to happen with tattoos… and often there is healing that HAS to happen with Our Stories. But what I have found to be true over all is that He is a mighty healer, He is a comforter while we are walking through and He is guidance around all the plot twists that make up our lives.


I have a lot of things I’m believing for which will come out in time but one is to write a book. I always have wanted to and just never put all my thoughts together. Or really probably doubted that I could stay on a theme for that long. This is a small step but it’s a challenging one for me. So my goal is to post every Friday [Aussie Time (not like Aussie time as in 3 minutes late but UTC)] I have some solid friends who I know will be excellent reminders so I’m not worried about it. But this will stretch me so I’m excited. I could go on, but this was supposed to be a short intro post.

In short (if you read nothing other than this paragraph, which you probably wont because if you’re reading this than it is stupid likely that you’ve read the whole post) this site is created out of obedience and I have so many expectations for G-d to provide so many things. But if I continue talking about it right now then we will never finish. You all have a solid day. Love you all with all that I know how.