Dear Dying Self

Who do you want to be when you’re done? What legacy do you want to leave and how do you want to be remembered?

I believe this blog was Craig Groeschels fault. I think I wrote it after reading his book Chazown, it was a challenge to write your own epitaph and live in a way that would allow it to be true. I wrote this when I was 20 and I would have to say my opinion hasn’t changed much.

22 Dec 2010


Dear dying self:

Through your life I hope that you sought to glorify G-d in all of your “todays” and desired to spend time daily with G-d; daily praying for others needs; daily giving your life to be a witness to all the goodness G-d has placed in your life. I hope people remember falling in love with Jesus because His love ran so pure in you. I hope you got over any sort of jealousy and realized that your life is to be given and not to be lived looking for the things you can get. I hope people saw you broken, I hope people saw you seeking. I hope people saw you raw before G-d and holding close to His heart. I pray you never went through a dumb stage where you thought you could do it alone – or where you decided it wasn’t worth it. I hope G-d’s kids are ALWAYS enough for you because you were enough for Him. I hope you never thought twice about obeying what G-d told you to do, even if YOU didn’t understand. I hope G-d gave you boldness and strength, and that you took it. I pray you changed your world one hurting soul at a time. I hope you never let yourself be the reason someone walked away.





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