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If I’m being 100% honest there is more on my mind now that assessments are done and I’m out of the thick of college. I’m thinking about provision, I’m meditating on promises that I firmly believe G-d spoke to me. I’m already heartbroken for the ‘goodbyes’ I’ll have to say before making my way to a very joyous reunion with my family members. I’m thinking about already having to do another “see you later” with them after a very short 5 weeks fly by. I’m thinking about all the dreams I have and wondering if I’ve somehow changed enough to qualify achieving them even though I know full well that it is ABSOLUTELY by G-d’s grace that I’m even here. However, I’m still thinking about all the things I want and wondering how on earth they will all come to pass.

None of G-d’s promises make sense to me in the middle of waiting on them to happen. Maybe they make sense to you, in which case I’m so happy for you. But I’m in the waiting… and lately it’s just enough time to terrify me.

I’m not the only one though, I’ve realized that trusting is hard for more people than just me. We collectively miss what it means to operate in the peace of G-d and end up thinking about the tomorrow’s that may never come. I’m thinking about my story in coming here as I had the opportunity to tell it again today. I was brought to tears recounting the confirmation I received that I was supposed to come here. I remember telling G-d that if it was His will for me to be here it was going to have to be His bill in keeping me. I remember thinking my prayers to G-d on finding a perfect job when I felt it was time to get one. I remember an overwhelming peace that He heard all those prayers and that He sees what is best and gives it to me.

The only thing about memories is that they are only good for a moment and then you need more. 

G-d, I trust have enough but I need more. 

I guess I found out that I’m a little stressed and a lot in need of Him…

((If you feel in your heart to give I’d appreciate it; If you can pray that will mean even more.

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