It’s More Of A Prayer

Sometimes I miss my Merge team… sometimes I miss my band.

Please enjoy this simple #ThinkBackThursday

It’s more of a prayer

Let me be apart of something beautiful.

You have people that you surround yourself with that you just feel better being around. Cherish the moments with them because somewhere inside you know that 1- They won’t be in your life forever (at least physically there) and 2- You have a deep pride when you think about them because you see what they will be.

They are world shakers.

They are the ones who when faced with impossible tasks show you that they have more to them. They are the people who if you think about long enough you just want to give more time, energy, investments and attention. They are creative and challenging they make mistakes and figure out how to keep going. They inspire you and many around them and most of the time they don’t see it.

They are the creators of precious moments that you wish would last a lifetime. They are sunset personalities and when their season in your life is over you are upset, but realize something new is coming.

They are just there for a season, for a day, for a moment and then gone. But you never forget them. You never belittle their impact on your life. They are friends and family, they are people you encounter in the workplace and school and driving, they are artists and the homeless they are travelers and hippies. They are your mom, your dad, your brother and sister; and in those moments, those beautiful moments, you see clearly that it’s not about you. It’s nothing you can do on your own – it’s life and it is meant to be shared with someone, with many someone’s; to experience pain and victory together.

Life is a beautiful thing even when it’s not.

G-d, bless the painfully surreal moments in my life.

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