Driving Lessons With Laina

This is unapologetically a songwriter post. Lyrics have always gotten me right in the feelers – at least when they are done correctly they have. I have other friends in the songwriting stream who are absolutely convinced that the music is all that is important in a song, but to me a well constructed story with a beautiful melody is enough to provoke my thoughts for a while.

We were recently singing at a worship night in our lovely home when some lyrics from a very old song just hit me I was captivated.

“You, O Lord, are my strength, my shield

To You, O Lord, may my spirit yield”

I’m such a word-nerd anyway that as soon as the phrase got stuck in my spirit I had to know more about what it actually meant. To Yield: is to give way to. While driving when you yield I get the picture of merging onto a highway – I stop or slow down and look back to see if someone is coming and give them the first go on the path and then I follow suit. You, O Lord, are my strength my shield. You go before me and it’s up to me to stop my spirit, slow down and look to see You coming. I want to live a life where I’m ready to stop or slow down and let you lead the path and guide me. How often do you stop and look back to see if G-d is headed the direction you are trying to go? Is it possible that you can’t yield to what He is doing if you aren’t even headed down the same road? I actually don’t know all the answers but I pray that my heart learns to look for the Saviour and follow after Him.

“You alone are my hearts desire

and I long to worship You”

This is a little on the shorter side but it is something I wanted to share… I feel like I could try to expand on it but all the other words would be filler and less sincere. So I might just leave this as it is. I get in reflective moods and don’t feel like word vomiting. But I hope this finds you as it found me, and leaves you the same as it left me. Realizing the need to be still and know who G-d is and what He is doing. He has good in store for us and if we just look back and see that He is coming the direction that we are headed in becomes a little bit clearer.

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