18 Years Old… Dang

News: I sometimes forget what I prayed for and then get surprised by the seasons that I walk through when they’re exactly what I prayed for. But it’s good to go back and remember.

In other news: Stay tuned tomorrow for a #DoubleFeatureFriday with a Conference debrief and life update.

Jesus Bless you all!

don’t let me be the one to stand in my way of Your future for me.
I have no idea where I’m supposed to go without You.
I don’t expect to be anything without You.
I know that I am the only thing to limit what You have for me.
So G-d,
Push me out of the way and override my spirit.
Take full control because I can’t do anything better than what You have.

I can’t dream bigger than what You have.

I refuse to live apart from who You want me to be.

Let me stand in the way no longer.
Let me be fully surrendered to You.
I never want to look back.
I never want to wish my life had gone a different way.
I never want to cry myself to sleep from loneliness or hurt.


Don’t let me be offended easily.

Don’t let me be weary when I feel like I’m the only one.
Push me out of the way G-d.
Take my life and leave me with no control.
It’s yours G-d.
My future.
My present.
My heart.
My dreams.
My aspirations.
My fears.
G-d I can’t keep any of it for myself.
Use it ALL Lord.

:: Take my hand, I give it to you.
:: Now YOU own me. All I am.
:: You said you would NEVER leave me.
:: I believe YOU
:: I believe.

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