Sometimes I feel like I repeat seasons, and I can’t even get upset about it because it’s really funny. I’ve for sure felt like this over the last few months with writing. It seems like now that I’ve made a commitment to have something to say, I have nothing to say – at least nothing of any significance. But my prayer is that it is seasonal and that when you read it you ARE encouraged, challenged, and feel loved. It doesn’t have to be the best because it probably wont be but, it will be my best. Please enjoy this #ThinkBackThursday from my 20th year of life.

I hate feeling distant from G-d, I hate second guessing if He hears me. Ever since I decided to do this “30 days of creativity” it seems like I’ve been the most… un-in-tune with my Savior that I have been in a while. I feel like since I promised not to live watered-down and be honest that G-d has found out how to make me learn in every situation. I’m not much for filters – by that I mean I stink at keeping them on. So, generally, what I’m thinking comes out. I’m not thrilled when I have to lead a family group, or a worship set, or a Sunday school lesson feeling like I’m living in the wrong. Have I talked to G-d about all the junk I’m feeling? Yes.

Do I understand why it’s still there after?

No. Not at all.

“We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”  -Hebrews 2.1

Attention is hard to give when it is being demanded in so many places. But obviously, G-d knew the important places it should be given.

((So G-d, help me. Help my attention to shift cause if I am or not, I HATE feeling like I’m drifting. You have more for me than this.

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