Scrabit : Speech

What do you do when you’re speechless?

You listen

Myself and a few friends went exploring around New Castle today, as well as all along the coast to return back to the hills. The ocean does my heart good. Sitting in front of a vast and extraordinary body of water calms my spirit and quiets me- for an honest lack of another way to explain it. I don’t have a lot to say today. So, I’ll ask you this: those who will read this take some time (the time you would have used reading this), listen to a song or two, or the silence, stare at the pretty picture I managed to take today and just listen.

And I pray that as you sit and breathe and listen that G-d would do you the solid promise of showing up. I don’t know what you need because I’m not sure who will see this or when, but I ask that what you seek is found. Know that I am praying for you. Know that G-d is with you and sees you and knows you and loves you.

I have some of my own listening to do.

If you need some songs to listen to:

(this blog isn’t sponsored by Hillsong, its just irony that it happens to be the school I got to because I didn’t really even realize thats who sang this.) (Always a good sit with Jesus song) (Mmm…)

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