For The Love Of G-d

Think Back Thursday –  sometimes I absolutely love remembering how simple things got to me.

“For the love of G-d, Live.”

This phrase has been stuck with me for a while now because it was going to be the next thing I was going to write about; but that’s all I had. It’s simple and I kept trying to add my own ‘ness to it. But, there is nothing to add… Please just understand it.

All for the love of G-d, the love that we have that is to G-d, the love that isn’t about us but about HIS kingdom… begin to live. No longer let yourself be satisfied with just dying for the Father’s will, but also LIVE. You, friend, have been given life and you we’re expected to do something with it. If you weren’t then you wouldn’t be here.

Please find the daily chances to show a love that is forgiving, a love that is accepting of people’s hurt, a love that will move people to change, a love that is UNFAILING… a precious gift from a Savior to His people that sometimes we complicate. His love wasn’t meant to be confusing it was meant to be ours. And because HE knew we’d forget – He reminded us again and again that it would always be there because it always has been.

Shoot, I don’t deserve it but that statement alone is where we complicate it.

No, I don’t deserve it but He still chose it for me.

He Loves Us.

How He loves us so… And for this reason alone I’m inviting you to live; To make choices and follow up on people and give up yourself.

Something inside you is aching and screaming over and over, “For the Love of G-d, LIVE!”

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