As You Do – Think Back Friday

I sort of shoved #ThinkBackThursday and a new Friday post together… You know, because it’s New Years and I’m cliché.

1 January //

I’ve now lived through 25 of these and probably for the last 13 of them I’ve wondered where on earth time has gone. It seems that time has a preferred method of transportation that it enjoys, and it’s always the one you wish it wasn’t on. It grabs a Delta flight, a free miniature bottle of wine and sticks its feet up for the joyful moments. They go so fast that you hardly remember all of the details even when you’re trying. Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that it grieves with us in the hard times and it too finds it difficult to pull itself out of bed and move when we cry – making our sorrow seem even longer.
Misery loves company.

But, then you look back and realize there was 24 hours in each of those days and 7 days in your weeks and that you just wasted 1-4 hours of your today realizing that you’re still here. You still never know when moments to be remembered are happening and you never know when you will finally heal.

But you have the moments, and you heal.

I’m currently in Oklahoma for the holidays, which brings up loads of memories in the 17 years I spent around this town. It’s impossible not to remember the great, good, bad and regretful. And as odd as it can be to grow up and see that nothing is ever the same year to year, the obscurity of it is shadowed (for me) by remembering a few things:

  • My Good Friends are GOOD – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for a handful of very, VERY good people in my life. They’ve believed in me, pushed me, prayed for me, let me cry, let me fail and still told me they loved me and that I can make it. Hometowns can sometimes bring a sting along with comfort when thinking about the ‘used to be’ and ‘could have been’ relationships, adventures and journeys; G-d has been in the redeeming business of reminding me that the people I have now are who need to be in my life NOW. He knows all things, He knows my heart and who builds it, He knows what’s coming for me and He has been blessing me more and more with like-minded lovelies who care about me.What and who HE allows in my life is more than enough.
  • He has ALWAYS been faithful – this has been so overwhelmingly in my thoughts this last year or so. I’ve always known it but G-d has connected this knowledge to my heartstrings and veins and has literally flooded my being. The knowing physically weighs on me and can often, easily and frequently bring me to tears. Guys, He cares so much and loves so deeply and IS SO FAITHFUL. And not just for me; this is for you and I’m sure if you take time to let the Saviour and comforter help you look back you’ll see it to.
    ((Please take the time to look back))
  • Discipline is hard, sacrifice is hard, they both suck and they’re both mandatory – reading and writing daily is a choice and no one will tell you to do it once you pass the age of 17. I’m a routine and schedule person and it’s extremely difficult for me to cram a devotional or blog into the end of my. Mornings are my zone and when I don’t allow myself that time I feel like a pretty crappy person. This one is really just a memo to self // Be An Adult.
  • Reading is very important – I am not an educational or approved resource to quote. While I’m overjoyed that you’ve read this blog or any of my other blogs I’m not the end all… heck, I’m not even good at ending blogs real good.

Find a book and learn something.


Art above by: Mindi Garland (That’s MY bloodline)
Title: “Jenine Races Down the Path Less Traveled Without Fear of the Future” (That’s my middle name)

Adventure Through They Journey

A little bit shorter of a post today, just processing through some thoughts I journaled out this last week… Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what all of it means but so far I think it’s a good idea.


I feel like you asked me if I’d journey with You. At first my thoughts were, ‘naturally, I’m saved – I’m doing this with You’. It’s funny how a word can bring back a full semester of thoughts on this subject. I sent the phrase, “Adventure with many, journey with few” to some close friends to gather thoughts on how they read that sentence. One of them nailed my thoughts on the head by saying ‘adventure SHOULD be done with anyone and everyone – random groups and impromptu trips, you can learn something from everyone, but JOURNEY – do the long haul and ups and downs with a few who you know how to support the “hard”. I thought for a second that you were inviting Yourself on my journey, which was surprising and honoring enough. But then I felt like you meant to be inviting me onto YOURS. To bear the grit and trials You’ve walked through. What an honor to serve with You

Lord, I’d love to journey with You

//oh, seasons//

“Adventure with many, journey with few”

There are loads of things I’ve felt impressed to think and write about lately and it’s been hard to sort out what to say when but this has weighed the heaviest on my heart.

I’ve had to learn over several seasons in my life how to journey with people. I have a few very close friends who I’d pick to do life with over a load of others and it isn’t because they’re even the most fun to be around. It’s because they push me, don’t let me whine and whinge, they don’t let me give up. (( they don’t let me go a Friday without posting ))

But standing in chapel this week (shameless “Go to chapel” plug) I felt like G-d brought this back up with me. He asked me to Journey with Him, which I don’t think I understand the weight of just yet. Honestly I don’t know if I ever will understand. We read scriptures telling us to follow him is to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow but what does that mean?

Journeying for me is becoming a non-optional. Not because its the easiest life ever but because I don’t actually know where else I’d go. I don’t know what else I’d do if it wasn’t what I’m doing now – loving Jesus, learning Jesus and telling others about how awesome He is. Sometimes the road sort of sucks and hurts and has a few spots where it feels like do or die. But at no point have I died yet so I suppose I’ll keep going.